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3 Tips to Get Coverage for Autonomous Car Clients

The autonomous car industry is currently developing on two fronts: the tech front and the PR front. On the tech front, autonomous cars are perhaps less than 10 years away from realizing their full potential. For the PR side, they might be equally as far off if they’re unable to get the buy-in from regulators and consumers.

Are Analysts Really ‘Pay to Play’?

For as long as I’ve been in the industry I’ve heard of complaints about certain analysts or analyst firms being ‘pay to play’. Let’s first define what we mean by that and then see if the issue holds water.

How to Get Coverage for Autonomous Car Clients

Autonomous Cars are not just a hot topic, but represent a sea of change in social, technical and regulatory issues. Companies are joining the space in rapid succession and with each new player comes a flood of news. From automotive … Continued

Is your competitor getting better coverage than you?

Making sure your company’s PR efforts support the business’ goals is a constant grind. I wrote about this a couple of years ago but the insights are even more important today. Not only are there various responsibilities to juggle, but many marketing VPs are responsible for making sure their PR firm is driving constant coverage on news and trend stories. Some marketing VPs are under pressure to see their company covered in the business press while others need to find a way to map their PR efforts to a business outcome.