Don’t get lost with me-too programs. Cloud offers unique opportunities, if you have our expertise to help you.

Engage PR has extensive experience in the cloud market working with young startups looking to be acquired as well as multibillion-dollar market leaders. We help them to successfully introduce new cloud-based products and concepts to customers, press and the analyst communities.

From public, private and hybrid clouds, to all of the x as a service (xaaS) programs – we have the cloud know-how and the PR expertise to get your messages to your target audiences. Engage PR will help you achieve your business goals in this highly segmented market.


IoT requires focus and a clear message to rise above the noise. EngagePR will make sure you are heard.

It seems as if every business has an IoT product and/or service, a situation that creates confusion and muddies the waters. It can be a challenge for any company to rise above all this noise and confusion.

At Engage PR, we have the IoT knowledge (consumer and industrial markets), analytical background and the PR expertise to get your messages to your audiences and allay any concerns they may have. And we also have the experience to help you drive sales and achieve your business goals.


Mobile is driving the digital lifestyle. We help position you in the new world of digitalization.
How do you get your message to your customers when new apps, new ways to improve the customer experience – and new companies with new solutions – are constantly being introduced? Engage PR knows how.

Over more than a decade, our creative approach has helped raise the profiles of dozens of mobile and networking clients and get noticed. We tie clients’ stories to greater trends in the industry that affect both operators and users, and show how clients solve real problems and provide needed benefits.


Analytics frequently focuses on the data mining and the numbers. We focus on the value and opportunities.

At Engage PR, we know there’s a lot more to talk about than data. Engineers may run networks, but marketing and management professionals use data to make business decisions.

Analytics is about making data more useful, and we use the analyses done by research partners and our clients and to help them gain exposure. We work with different publications to reach different audiences, and we use traditional PR, blogs, and more to gain attention for our clients.