Engage knows how to generate big business and trade press and broadcast hits that drives big awareness. Here are some snapshots.

Silicon Valley and Hollywood: What’s behind their growing love fest


Hollywood and Silicon Valley are having a love fest.

HBO earns rave reviews for its geeks-gone-wild take on the tech world’s stomping ground. Intel and Apple jump in with their own reality TV shows, while a slew of YouTube and web-TV projects suss out the valley’s zeitgeist. read more

Machine learning examples crop up for data center management

Machine learning implementations are finally making their way to the enterprise — and the data center seems to be a perfect match… read more

Telia Carrier Partners With CyrusOne for 100G

CHICAGO — In an effort to provide businesses with 100G connectivity in the “DASH” market in Texas, other parts of the US, and Mexico, Telia Carrier joined forces with CyrusOne, a carrier-neutral, data center property provider… read more

Telia Carrier Taps Infinera for California Expansion

Telia Carrier today announced the first deployment of Infinera’s newly expanded transport portfolio, including the metro 100G products it added in acquiring Transmode, in network extension in California… read more

Enterprise IoT rollouts still need outside assistance — but new software can help

The industrial Internet of things doesn’t just show up in a box at the door ready to use. It takes integration to deploy IoT systems and get the maximum benefit. read more