Whether you’re an emerging startup, a growing mid-flight company, or an established company that needs a boost, Engage’s tailored program packages will increase your company’s overall visibility and drive the business results you need.

We combine traditional PR programs with messaging, analyst programs, and the savvy use of social media to create integrated marketing and communications strategies that result in new coverage opportunities and increase your visibility and presence in your markets.

Our service offerings include:

Core pr programs
Achieving thought leadership through sustained visibility

By combining traditional PR programs and the savvy use of digital media, we develop integrated marketing and communications strategies that result in new coverage opportunities and increase your presence in your markets.

editorial, media and analyst relations

we leverage our vast experience working with the media and analyst community to ensure measurable results that meet your business requirements.

trend/thought leadership

We integrate a mix of creative thought leadership campaigns, outreach activities, and contributed articles to help you rise above the competitive noise.

corporate and product launches

We provide deep expertise from launching some of the most innovative companies in the market to achieve high visibility for your product or service.

momentum-building news

We combine SEO-friendly content, embedded multimedia, and press releases to garner visibility and increase company awareness.

speaker placement

We identify events and opportunities to influence perceptions and raise your executive/corporate profile.


We track opportunities and provide recommendations for relevant submissions.

analyst audit

We conduct blind audits to benchmark current perceptions and identify strategies for cultivating deeper relationships.

media training

We enhance and refine both messaging and its delivery to ensure effective and thoughtful communications.

equity event / ir liaison:

We develop and implement a strategic outreach plan and messaging platform that will communicate your company’s unique value proposition.

Messaging/content development
Developing messages that project your identity

Engage works with you to develop the unique messaging that’s at the heart of every successful PR campaign.

Great messaging enables you to reach influencers and talk to them. It defines your company, separates you from your competitors, and ensures you project a strong, consistent identity to all your audiences. Engage has a deep understanding of messaging development, and we work with our clients to ensure their messages resonate across all audiences.

Messaging Platform

Engage will work with you to develop a messaging platform, whether you’re preparing for a company launch, product introduction, or other marketing campaigns.

Content development

Whether you need help writing case studies, white papers, contributed articles or sales campaigns, Engage has a deep understanding of our clients’ technology and business.

Analyst relations
Validating your company’s differentiation

Analyst relations are a key element for third-party understanding and validation of a company’s differentiation.

Engage has deep, long-standing relationships with the most influential analysts across a broad range of technologies and markets. We leverage our vast experience working with the analyst community to ensure measureable results that meet your business requirements.

Blind audits

We start by conducting blind audits to benchmark analysts’ current perceptions of your company and identify strategies for cultivating deeper relationships.

Analyst meetings

We establish introductory meetings with new analysts and schedule update calls to strengthen existing relationships, and develop a quarterly briefing schedule.

Concept testing

As needed, Engage will select key analysts for concept testing to determine if any changes should be made to messaging before a client introduces a new product or service.

Quarterly analyst missives

Quarterly analyst missives that provide insight into a company and an industry may be used to keep a client top of mind.

Annual analyst briefings

Holding an industry analyst (and press) briefing on an annual basis builds closer ties with your most important analysts, generating their undivided attention.

Analyst champions

Building strong relationships with your most important analysts can help create analyst champions who will be strong references and participate in marketing and PR activities.

Customer reference programs

A customer reference program enables analysts to tap into your customers for validation and anecdotal information.

Social media services
Building relationships and influence in the social ecosphere

Social media is a critical component of any communications strategy.

It’s not just a way to push content or drive website traffic; it’s also a way to engage with stakeholders, provide insight on industry topics, engage in real-time conversations, and measure qualitative engagement with prospects and influences. We integrate all these services with your marketing strategy.

analyze, audit, and plan

We will help you determine your social media strategy, jump-start your program by establishing key accounts, developing lists and communities, and providing a plan for enduring social media engagement.

social media management and monitoring

We monitor the conversations across the social media ecosystem and orchestrate the interactions between your company and key influencers.

content development

We work with you to create content for your social media sites – everything from LinkedIn profiles to Tweets to impactful blog postings.

metrics and measurement

We systematically measure your social media activity to identify strategic opportunities. Based on results, we continually assess and refine your social media plan to ensure it aligns with your marketing and business objectives.

Influencing the influencers
Influencing the influencers

The opinions of many types of influencers – media, analysts, investors, partners, bloggers, and customers – enter into the purchasing decisions of your potential customers.

Engage, with its extensive domain experience, integrated approach to communications, and long-standing relations with your key industry influencers, can develop strategies that support your sales efforts by positively shaping how these influencers perceive your company and your offerings.

We work with you to design a program that maps directly to your company’s competitive challenges and to your strategic marketing and sales goals. Your program is aimed at the top influencers in your market and is designed to drive sales by increasing the ‘findability’ of your information.