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Engage PR: Act II What’s Next

Sometimes ‘the best-laid plans’ don’t always happen as you’ve planned. That’s life. We live and learn and work hard to get better. Last month, I ended my partnership with my longtime colleague at Witz Communications. This month, I started on a new but more familiar journey, the relaunch of Engage PR.

These are challenging times, and I certainly would never envision launching a new business during a global pandemic. Still, tech companies, now more than ever, need PR to communicate their stories, especially our clients, many of which enable critical connectivity to allow us all to stay connected, albeit virtually for now.

Companies need PR to tell their story and to remind their customers, prospects, investors and other stakeholders that they’re still innovating and supporting their customers’ needs. Engage PR is committed to helping our clients, who are at the forefront of technology and providing that critical connectivity. We’ve realigned our programs, putting a greater emphasis on content creation including blogs and white papers, creative media pitches, social media and webinar support. We’re still providing other PR services but have adjusted to make sure our programs are aligning with what our clients need today.

While these are trying times, I am more excited than ever about Engage PR (Act II) and the technology industry we serve. Some of the most promising technologies and businesses emerge in ‘challenging times.’ It takes grit, creativity, customer focus and care. We’re committed to applying those qualities to get the results our clients deserve and to help communicate to the market what they’re doing to better our personal or business lives.

We look forward to sharing our PR wisdom and best practices on our corporate blog and social media.  Please follow us here at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Engage PR cares. The rapid spread of COVID-19 and its economic impact has quickly changed our lives. To help keep people safe, Engage PR is offering any B2B technology organization a free video chat consultation to help leaders communicate effectively with their customers, partners, and other important audiences. To get started, please contact us.