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Engage PR is an award-winning communications agency for tech brands that need to outpace their competitors, drive sales and expand their business. Our experienced and savvy team combines creativity, knowledge and passion to move our clients to the forefront of their market.

We have built a reputation based on decades of work with technology companies in the enterprise, security, mobility, IoT, cloud and telecommunications market. Based in Silicon Valley, we are a small, tight-knit team of experts who will work closely with you to elevate your company’s visibility in a competitive global market.

Our targeted, integrated programs combine multiple disciplines, including traditional PR, media and analyst relations, storytelling and messaging, content development, social media and marketing communications. Engage with us; your story matters.

Best PR campaign in Tech
Best PR campaign in Tech

Jeannette Bitz, Chief Strategist, CEO

Jeannette re-launched Engage PR in 2020 with the goal to build an agency that brings programs that adapt to client’s needs today, which means having an experienced team.

Jeannette has directed hundreds of successful PR campaigns and corporate initiatives through significant shifts in the economy, technology sector, and the media. She has over 25 years of experience as a PR strategist. Because of this experience, she knows what it takes to help companies build and promote a powerful brand and to make sure that their PR strategies and tactics boost their bottom line and shareholder value.

Jeannette is actively involved with Engage PR’s clients, driving their strategy, messaging, campaigns, and working closely with the clients and teams to drive their overall PR program and overall success.

Current and past clients include clients listed under market experience, plus many more going back 25 years. 

Jennifer Hodorowicz, Account Manager

Jennifer has a strong background in writing and editing, public relations campaign management, social media skills and the ability to build strong relationships with clients and the media.

Jennifer helps bring client stories to life, building market awareness, educating the media and the public, and helping to drive sales. Whether it is drafting and pitching current news, crafting contributed articles to highlight market trends, managing social media channels, or educating others on ways PR tactics can benefit them, she is focused on client success.

Jennifer has a wide array of client industry experience, including telecom, cyber security, healthcare including clinical trial recruitment, health insurance and healthcare IT, and agriculture. Current and past clients include Kaloom, Telia Carrier, BlastWave, STL, ADTRAN, MEF and more.