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Jeannette Bitz, Chief Strategist, CEO

Jeannette re-launched Engage PR earlier this year to build an agency that brings programs that adapts to clients’ needs today, which means having an experienced tea.

Jeannette has directed hundreds of successful PR campaigns and corporate initiatives through significant shifts in the economy, technology sector, and the media. She has over 25 years of experience as a PR strategist. As a result of this experience, she knows what it takes to help companies build and promote a strong brand and to make sure that their PR strategies and tactics boost their bottom line and shareholder value.

Jeannette is actively involved with Engage PR’s clients, driving their strategy, messaging, ¬†campaigns, and working closely with the clients and teams to drive their overall PR program and overall success.

Current and past clients include clients listed under market experience plus many more going back 25 years.

What have you missed most during COVID?
I’ve missed wine tasting at some of my favorite smaller wineries. I’m thankful that these same wineries are able to open up their outdoor areas to enjoy their wines.

Fun fact:
I walked into Arthur Murray Livermore to learn how to salsa dance, eight years later, I’m a pro/amateur Ballroom and Latin dance competitor.