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Engage PR: Where B2B Tech Brands Flourish

At Engage PR, we specialize in helping B2B tech brands thrive. As a dynamic catalyst in the PR and communications space, we go beyond the standard agency experience. We navigate the ever-evolving technology realm to propel our clients ahead of their competitors. Our mission is simple: to increase market presence and skyrocket sales.

Decades of Mastery in Tech Public Relations

With decades of expertise in tech PR, our headquarters in Silicon Valley have been the hub of collaboration with international technology brands. From cloud computing to IoT, to enterprise solutions to network security, our experience spans across diverse sectors.

Tailored Strategies. Unrivaled Results.

Engage PR believes in tailored strategies and delivering unrivaled results. Our success blueprint is a combination of tried-and-true public relations practices and creative techniques. We establish robust connections with media and industry analysts, ensuring our clients' stories resonate with clarity and captivate their target audience. Our content development is impactful, engaging audiences with relevant and persuasive messaging. We leverage the power of GenAI to enhance our tech PR and marketing strategies, and we strategically utilize social media platforms to connect with audiences where they are most active. Through meticulously crafted approaches, we ensure that your brand narrative reaches your target demographic through the most influential channels.

Engage PR Leadership 

Under the leadership of Chief Strategist and CEO Jeannette Bitz, Engage PR offers unparalleled expertise tailored to today's dynamic tech marketplace. With over 25 years of experience, Jeannette has successfully navigated complex public relations campaigns amidst seismic shifts in the economy, tech sector and media landscapes. Her hands-on approach is evident in her active involvement with each client, ensuring their PR strategies are fine-tuned and campaigns are set up for success. Beyond strategic oversight, Jeannette leads a formidable team of skilled, astute and experienced media relations and content development professionals, further solidifying Engage PR’s commitment to excellence.

While orchestrating PR symphonies for her clients, Jeannette finds solace in the challenge of the ballroom floor. As a fervent competitor, each graceful glide and spin reaffirms her pursuit of perfection - whether in dance or delivering PR victories for her clients.

Let’s Engage 

At Engage PR, we are dedicated to leveraging our expertise to help our clients carve a robust brand identity, enhance visibility, and ultimately boost the bottom line.

Our meticulously crafted strategies ensure your brand narrative reaches your target demographic through the most potent and influential channels.

"Engage with us; Your story matters."

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