2022 in Review

Engage PR Staff
December 14, 2022

Before we retire to roast chestnuts over an open fire in festive pajamas, Engage PR wants to review the past year. 2022 saw the return of trade shows and in-person networking. As we return to a semblance of our pre-pandemic lives, remote work remains a lasting vestige of COVID-19. With this increasing reliance on cloud services, high-capacity connectivity and network infrastructure, telecom is on the precipice of an exciting future. We’re grateful to shape the conversations and relationships defining that future.

Engage PR is now fully remote, with team members scattered across the United States, allowing us to maximize our respective time zones to meet deadlines and correspond with clients efficiently. We used Labor Day to appreciate the work models enabling global collaboration, penning a blog on remote work within the context of PR. The blog provides a brief history of Labor Day and strategies to maximize productivity as PR pros increasingly work from home. We even included an Office Space reference, so you don’t want to miss this one…

Next blog on deck – batter up! Amid the dramatic atmosphere of the World Series, we wrote a blog relating baseball to media pitching. Baseball metaphors abound as we describe the ins, outs and foul balls of pitching to a journalist. Most of the emails that reporters receive are comprised of self-serving entreaties, so added value, relationship building and speed are crucial. Make your pitch count and play ball!

What can you expect from Engage PR in 2023? We know that the industry faces significant hurdles. We will strive to take a client-first approach defined by a multi-pronged PR strategy, including media pitching, training and relations, content creation, thought leadership, promotion of corporate news and more. We remind companies that PR is vital in times of economic crisis to stay connected to customers, partners and investors, even as budget cuts and lay-offs happen across the tech industry. Communication is vital to a company’s corporate strategy, so why not beef up your communications with a one-stop content shop?

As you evaluate your PR needs, consider that we’re here for you and willing to do a free 30 minute consultation. Engage PR has a strong in-house content team with a proven track record and stellar reviews garnered within a short amount of time. Our skilled content writers are real people, not AI – the difference is palpable! We can handle anything a client needs, including blogs, press releases, social media campaigns, contributed content, pesky speaking and awards submissions, Point-of-View abstracts for media pitching, white papers and more. With content, it’s quality over quantity, and subpar writing can damage your company’s credibility.  

Our experienced team has a passion for the innovative technologies that shape our everyday lives. Our secret sauce is technological curiosity, and we see this as a prerequisite to full engagement with a client’s technology and company story. We look forward to Engaging with you and your story. Contact us through info@engagepr.com if you’re interested in collaborating and follow us here: LinkedIn and Twitter. We do our best to follow back! Happy Holidays and enjoy the time off. We’ve all earned it. Have some eggnog for us; see you next year!

-The Engage PR team


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