Blueprints to Bylines: How to Build Media Relationships with Tech Journalists

Zach Gosney
November 2, 2023

Just as architects design and build structures that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, public relations professionals are architects of communication, using their strategic insights and expertise to shape narratives that drive brand success. So what’s the common thread that unites these seemingly disparate fields? It’s the foundation of strong relationships. For architects, it’s with vendors, builders and clients. For B2B tech PR pros, it’s with clients, the media and journalists - the unsung heroes behind the headlines. The relationships tech PR agencies build with journalists are the critical framework for effective media relations and tech press coverage. These connections, like well-constructed bridges, provide the pathways for messages and stories to flow seamlessly from companies to their audiences.

Here is how similar architectural principles, including planning, execution and relationship building, can enable media relations success.

A Solid Blueprint

"Before a building can become a masterpiece, it must first exist as a blueprint – a carefully crafted plan that brings dreams to life." - Frank Gehry

Like Rome, Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall was not built in a day. Just as the Frank Gehrys or ancient architects of the world began with a blueprint, your media relations strategy should have a clear plan. Identify your goals, target audience and key messages. Consider this your architectural drawing, outlining the structure and purpose of your media interactions. A public relations agency's drafting strategy can be implemented in numerous ways, including a media matrix, audit, or an influencer list, as we create for our B2B tech clients at Engage PR. 

Form Follows Function

Form and functions are one.” - Frank Lloyd Wright

The architectural adage "form follows function" teaches us that a building’s design should reflect its intended use. Similarly, in tech media relations, your interactions with journalists should be guided by their purpose. Tailor your communication to meet their needs, whether it's providing valuable insights, data, industry expertise or engaging story ideas. 

A Strong Foundation

A sturdy building starts with a strong foundation. Likewise, strong media relationships are built upon a foundation of trust and credibility. Consistency and reliability in your media interactions are essential to establish this firm footing.

The Right Materials

When you build with the right materials, you’re not just constructing a building; you’re shaping an experience.” - Renzo Piano

Architects carefully select materials to ensure the structural integrity and aesthetics of a building. In media relations, your communication skills and messaging are the materials that shape your interactions. Choose your words and tone wisely to convey your tech company's expertise effectively.


The art of architecture is in its ability to adapt, to respond to the challenges of the present, and to shape possibilities of the future.” - Daniel Libeskind

Buildings must adapt to changing conditions. B2B tech PR is no different. Your media relations strategy must accommodate shifts in the media landscape, allowing you to adjust your approach and maintain strong relationships.

Regular Maintenance

Buildings require ongoing maintenance to preserve their integrity. Similarly, nurturing media relationships requires ongoing communication. Stay in touch, provide relevant updates and show appreciation for the journalists who have shaped your media presence.

The Grand Unveiling

It is a great and beautiful thing to build, but what you build, it should be very good, and not only for a while but for all time.” - Julia Morgan

Just as a building's completion is celebrated with a grand unveiling, your media relations efforts should culminate in the release of valuable news. This is the moment when your well-constructed relationships with tech journalists shine as they help you share your story with the world.

Remember that "form follows function". Your media relations efforts should align with your goals and serve journalists’ needs. By approaching media relations like an architect designing a masterpiece, you'll be well on your way to constructing strong, lasting relationships with the media, ultimately achieving success in the tech industry's ever-evolving media landscape.


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