How to Launch a B2B Tech Product Successfully: Three Public Relations Tips

Stan O'Neill
October 25, 2023

Launching your new product or service is an exciting opportunity to introduce your company’s latest offering to the market. It's a culmination of your team’s hard work and innovation, so making a strong first impression is crucial. However, a successful product launch goes beyond sending press releases. Ongoing tech media outreach and thought leadership campaigns should accompany a product launch before, during and after the product is debuted, among many other strategies. If you’re preparing to launch your product soon, or just need some advice for your company’s next product launch, check out these tips.

Plan Ahead: Time is of the Essence

To strengthen your product launch, give yourself and your team ample time to plan and execute successfully. This includes researching and targeting relevant journalists, influencers, and media outlets, staying ahead of events, identifying your target audience and product differentiators and developing content for thought leadership campaigns.  

Proper preparation and planning ahead instead of leaving everything until the last minute ensures you pull off your product launch successfully and maximize company visibility. Time is the underlying ingredient to all other product launch strategies. So, do not drag your feet on key activities ahead of the big day. By giving yourself ample time, you can ensure your product launch results in meaningful coverage and heightened awareness in your industry, helping you stick out in a crowded B2B tech market and media landscape.

Develop a Targeted Media Relations Strategy

When preparing to launch your product, it’s crucial to thoroughly research and understand your industry’s current media landscape. Reporters are often overwhelmed with pitches, making it essential for you to target the right reporters and influencers who will be interested in covering your news. When reaching out to the media, it’s vital to ensure your product news provides them with valuable information related to their beat.  

As part of your targeted media relations strategy, it’s important to discern what’s newsworthy and what isn’t according to a reporter’s area of interest. While a product launch is exciting for your company, try to ensure you’re offering real news when targeting the media, not just a product update. As much as you work to inform your market of your company’s latest offering and seek to be recognized and respected by media luminaries, it’s equally important to respect the media’s time when pitching your product news.

Maintain Ongoing Tech Thought Leadership Campaigns

You can create thought leadership campaigns by researching current hot topics in the media. These campaigns can include media response opportunities, contributed articles and other pieces of content that acknowledge those hot topics while tying your new product to real-world benefits that help actual people. This helps make your product’s benefits concrete and provides the media with additional value when they’re looking to craft their own timely story.

When creating thought leadership content, remember that people want to be inspired, entertained or educated. By creating informative, educational content, you can also provide value to a media outlet’s audience, helping them learn something new about your market and the problems your company solves, not just about your company. Thought leadership is an ongoing dialogue with the media and their audiences. While it’s important to release your B2B tech news around a relevant media event, you still must maintain an ongoing tech thought leadership campaign before and after an event to stay top-of-mind with media outlets and maximize your product launch.  

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