Six Months Later and Thriving

Jeannette Bitz
October 1, 2020

Six months ago today, I started on a new journey, the relaunch of Engage PR. I never envisioned starting a new business during a global pandemic and recession. Still, our tech clients needed PR to communicate their stories, remind their customers, prospects, investors, and other stakeholders that they’re still innovating and supporting their customers’ needs.

For the past six months, we’ve been heads down, supporting our clients and helping them elevate their stories through creative media efforts, social media campaigns and content development. We’re still in the thick of the pandemic, which will continue to impact how business is conducted. Tradeshows slated for 2021 have been pushed out or moved to a virtual format. While these face-to-face events are on hiatus, it is still crucial to engage continuously with customers, prospects, and other influencers while ensuring that you cater to their needs. That’s where PR can help.

Delivering PR Services Now that Connects Our World

Engage PR is committed to helping our clients, and you elevate your unique stories. We’ve realigned our programs, emphasizing content creation including blogs and white papers, creative media pitches, industry analyst relations and social media support. We’re tailoring our programs to align with what our clients need today.

While these are still trying times, I am more excited than ever about Engage PR and the technology industry. We’re excited to see that so many tech companies not only weathered the pandemic but are thriving and poised for success. It takes grit, creativity, customer focus, and care during good and bad times. We at Engage PR are committed to applying those qualities to get our clients’ results and help communicate to the market what they’re doing to better our personal or business lives.

We are ready to roll up our sleeves and get results out of the gate. That’s been the agency’s focus for the past six months, and the future looks bright. We are growing our business, focusing on companies that are providing critical connectivity to today’s remote workforce from telecom, mobile, IoT, cloud and more. Finding the right communications partner who can help you navigate through uncertain times is more critical than ever.

We Want to Engage with You

We look forward to sharing our PR wisdom and best practices on our corporate blog and social media.  Please follow us here at LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


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