GenAI and the Human Component: Four Methods for Enhancing B2B Tech PR, Part 1

Engage PR Staff
August 17, 2023

As the digital dust settles from AI’s initial frenzy, GenAI solutions are advancing rapidly. One thing is certain with these advancements – GenAI is not a tech fad, even though it’s dominating the headlines. As a result, business leaders and communications professionals put themselves at a disadvantage by disregarding this emerging technology. As economist and professor Richard Baldwin stated at the World Economic Forum's 2023 Growth Summit, "AI won't take your job – it's somebody using AI that will take your job."

By leveraging GenAI, business leaders and communications pros can gain a competitive edge and save substantial time by streamlining their workflows. Of course, ethical boundaries and safety controls are also necessary. While these have improved, some B2B tech leaders and communications professionals are still on the sidelines. Regardless of your stance on GenAI, it’s important to be informed on these emerging technologies and balance that technical knowledge of use cases with an understanding of ethical considerations and best practices.  

Leveraging GenAI to Improve Our Services

At Engage PR, we’ve leveraged GenAI in select ways to streamline our workflows, integrating the technology into our brainstorming, research and other processes. Due to its rising utilization, we recommend all tech companies learn more about GenAI's capabilities, initiate internal discussions and collaborate with industry peers to explore ethical use cases and emerging functions. This is a time for evaluation and consideration.

As with any emerging technology, Engage PR is closely following GenAI’s developments and sharing our perspective with clients through consultations, social media and blogs. In terms of specific solutions, we’ve found that ChatGPT functions well as an industry-specific teacher and brainstormer, especially with vast improvements to the language model following the release of ChatGPT-4.  

Meanwhile, Google Bard functions best as an augmented search engine, providing recent information about groundbreaking technologies and current events. We’ve used ChatGPT-4 and Bard with some success, but we’re always considering other GenAI tools that can enhance our services and help us deliver the exceptional results that have gained us a reputation as a renowned agency for the past two decades.  

The Importance of Prompt Engineering and the Human Component

However, amid these technological advancements, we’ve also learned the importance of effective prompt engineering. Effective prompt engineering requires practice, human intelligence and an understanding of your specific industry. That human understanding becomes paramount when providing accurate information in a complex industry like B2B tech. Make no mistake, companies must invest time to learn this skill - dabbling won’t yield meaningful results. Prompt engineering is as much an art as it is a science – it requires a human touch to maximize its potential.  

While we’ve leveraged the power of GenAI, we’ve also been careful to balance emotional resonance, ethical considerations and critical thinking with these engines of productivity. Every facet of PR requires these human qualities, whether tailoring a concise pitch to a reporter’s beat, or writing a byline article or press release that conveys a company’s understanding of its customers’ uniquely human concerns. With the mainstream proliferation of GenAI, PR pros must still imbue their content with originality, rhythm, context, relevance, nuance and personality to deliver results for clients and resonate with audiences. GenAI can’t replicate these qualities of effective storytelling, though it can streamline workflows and processes.

Stay tuned for a series of blogs in the coming weeks, where we'll share our insights on evaluating and harnessing GenAI while balancing it with the human component. Our next blog will provide a comprehensive view of the current GenAI landscape through the lens of recent industry data, events and ethical considerations. We’ll also provide some recommendations for PR pros and B2B tech companies concerning GenAI’s use.


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