GenAI and the Human Component: Four Methods for Enhancing B2B Tech PR, Part 4

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September 6, 2023

Idea Generator for Media Relations

Reporters are beset by dozens of stale pitches per day hammering on the same tired storylines. So, you must stand out if you want your pitch to cut through cluttered inboxes and garner valuable coverage. As a result, idea generation and creative brainstorming are vital skills any competent PR pro must hone for media relations. But GenAI can function as an adept assistant for media relations campaigns and storytelling angles, aggregating good ideas from the Internet’s past three decades.  

Often, we become so subjective in our perception of a client’s technology that our tunnel vision prevents us from exploring fresh angles focusing on objective trends. GenAI can reveal a story angle or pitch you haven’t considered because of your proximity to a client’s business messaging and technology. In the example below, we want to brainstorm a fresh pitch for an edge computing client. Let’s see what GenAI can conjure.

Question: Brainstorm some PR campaign and story angles for a mid-sized startup specializing in networking technologies enabling edge computing and open ecosystems

Answer: "The Symphony of Connectivity: Networking Innovations in Smart Cities" Paint a vivid picture of how edge networking technologies are orchestrating a harmonious symphony of connectivity within smart cities. Showcase the interconnectedness of smart infrastructure, IoT devices, and data-driven decision-making, leading to more efficient, sustainable urban living.

"Edge of Imagination: [Startup Name] Redefines Possibilities in Virtual Realms" Uncover how the startup's networking technologies are transcending physical boundaries, enabling groundbreaking virtual experiences. Showcase how their solutions are revolutionizing augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality applications in various industries, from entertainment to education.

Of course, these aren’t ready off-the-shelf for pitching. They’d still require editing from a PR agency, particularly to relate them to a human angle or story that emotionally resonates with reporters and a client’s audience. But these angles can serve as inspiration to knock away your midday cobwebs and get your creative juices flowing.

Quick Researcher for Trend and Thought Leadership

When working with B2B tech clients in various industries, switching between technological terminology, market realities and best practices feels like whiplash. This is magnified under tight deadlines when parsing through search results is particularly onerous. GenAI can collate that research for you by relevance, saving vast amounts of time previously spent clicking through Google results. However, you must still validate GenAI’s research when looking for statistics and source links. Otherwise, GenAI is relatively trustworthy for research on specific industry norms, customer challenges or information.  

In the example below, we want to understand the challenges enterprises face regarding cloud infrastructure and cloud migration. By combining our deep understanding of the media’s concerns with the pain points of our client’s customers, we can target the trends and problems relevant to those customers and media outlets. Through this method, we can strengthen our client’s thought leadership campaigns by understanding which value proposition resonates best with the research-backed concerns of media outlets and customers.

Question: What are the biggest cloud infrastructure challenges facing enterprises?

Answer: Vendor Lock-in: The risk of vendor lock-in is a concern, as enterprises invest in a specific cloud provider's ecosystem and may face challenges if they decide to switch providers in the future.

Performance and Latency: Network performance and latency can impact application performance in the cloud. Ensuring a reliable and responsive user experience requires careful consideration of data center locations, content delivery networks (CDNs), and other performance optimization techniques.

Service Outages and Downtime: Cloud service providers generally offer high availability, but no infrastructure is immune to service outages or downtime. Enterprises need to have contingency plans and disaster recovery strategies in place.

Clients and their messaging can become so mired in proprietary technology that it can be challenging to see the bigger picture and connect their messaging to relevant research and market realities. When leveraged for this method, GenAI can simplify esoteric, technological information based on comprehensive market research of key industry segments, including edge computing technology, cloud infrastructure solutions or cybersecurity controls. By streamlining the arduous research process with GenAI, PR pros can bolster their clients’ thought leadership efforts and help them tell the right story to the right audiences.

Join us next week for Part 5 of this blog series, where we’ll outline our last method for leveraging GenAI in B2B tech PR: On-Demand Teacher for Message Development. We’ll also provide some closing thoughts on the implementation of GenAI in B2B tech PR processes.


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