How to Build a Tech Brand: 5 Public Relations Tips

Jeannette Bitz
October 12, 2023

Over the past 20+ years at Engage PR, we've witnessed constant innovation, fierce competition and relentless evolution in the world of B2B technology. Even amidst a slower economic climate and fewer investments in tech companies today, innovation perseveres, and it's crucial to effectively communicate its significance to the market. In this ever-changing landscape, brand reputation remains vital. Enter Public Relations (PR), the torchbearer that shines a light on a brand's strengths, story, and significance in a noisy market. But B2B tech PR is far more than just press releases. It's a nuanced and multi-faceted effort encompassing numerous disciplines. To help you navigate these various functions, here are five tips every company should embrace to establish, build and maintain their brand.

1. B2B Storytelling at Its Best

Storytelling is the crux of any great PR strategy. While tech companies are at the cutting edge of advancement, their innovations often seem esoteric to the general public. PR’s job is to simplify without trivializing. By crafting narratives around a company’s values, mission and vision, PR professionals humanize complex B2B technology, turning abstract ideas into relatable tales that resonate on a human level.

At Engage PR, building and aligning clients’ stories with the tech media’s concerns is our passion. We’ve helped companies find and craft unique stories, from the rise of SMS phishing to innovations that impact the optical and networking industry to spotlighting female C-level executives, helping attract more young females to the male-dominated tech industry. While most tech companies have an overarching story, there are also often multiple stories within that company that are worth telling.  

2. Trust and Credibility

The Internet is a double-edged sword. While it offers a plethora of credible information, it also enables the proliferation of misinformation. PR works relentlessly to establish and sustain a tech company’s credibility. Through collaborations with respected publications and industry influencers, PR ensures a company maintains message consistency and stands out as a beacon of authenticity in a sea of dubious claims. While it’s a hotbed for innovation, the B2B tech industry has its share of unsubstantiated information and snake oil salesmen, so it’s important to establish your B2B tech brand as an authoritative voice within this complex business landscape.

3. Navigating Crises

The path to technological success isn’t without its pitfalls. Crises can strike without warning, threatening to tarnish a brand’s hard-earned reputation. PR is the crisis manager, the damage controller and the brand's guardian. With swift action, clear communication and an unyielding commitment to transparency, PR turns potential disasters into moments of strength and resilience by humanizing a brand’s voice amid crises.

4. Engaging With Influencers

Key press, industry analysts and influencers wield considerable power in the telecom and networking ecosystem. The press writes, the industry analysts write reports, but both shape opinions, drive trends and are pivotal in a customer’s decision-making journey. PR recognizes and harnesses this power. By fostering strategic partnerships, engaging in community conversations and actively participating in the larger tech discourse, PR ensures a brand doesn’t just speak to its customers but also to those shaping its customers' perspectives.

5. Evolving With the Times

Adaptability is the hallmark of any successful tech entity. In a market where change is the only constant, a B2B tech brand’s PR strategy cannot be static. PR is perpetually in motion, always forecasting, analyzing and pivoting. Whether championing a brand’s thought leadership or tapping into new avenues of visibility, PR keeps a brand agile, ensuring it stays top-of-mind among industry luminaries and customers.

While product quality, innovative solutions and customer service are undeniably essential for a B2B tech company’s success, PR propels a brand into the limelight. PR humanizes technology, crafts its story and solidifies its position in the market. As the B2B tech landscape evolves, the role of PR only becomes more vital. Investing in PR is not just advisable for tech companies aiming to make a mark; it’s imperative.


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